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4478ZINE believes that questioning social phenomena is a healthy habit.
We translate specific themes into cool and intelligent artist's books, using bold production and challenging design.

4478ZINE publishes, promotes and sells all printed matter by Dutch artist Erik van der Weijde.
The different publishing projects range from zines to books and include collaborations with other publishers.
In 2014 we started publishing books by other artists.

Read our Publishing Manifesto here.

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Motto, Berlin
Printed Matter, NY
Dashwood Books, NY
McNallyJackson, NY,
Quimby´s, Chicago
Pro-QM, Berlin
Spaces Corners, Pittsburgh
Florence Loewy, Paris, F
Yvon Lambert, Paris, F
Section 7 Books, Paris, F
Donlon Books, London, UK
Claire de Rouen, London, UK
TiPiTin, London, UK
Riot, Ghent, BE

STET, Lisbon, PT
Tijuana, São Paulo
Panorama, Tokyo, J
Book of Days, Niigata, J
On Reading, Nagoya, J
Standard, Osaka, J
Utrecht, Tokyo, J
Tsutaya, Tokyo, J
Perimeter, Melbourne, AU
Art Metropole,Toronto, CA
CCA, Montreal, CA
Mzin, Leipzig, DE


Edition Taube
Spector Books
Van Zoetendaal


'...Van der weijde setzt sich hier insofern von ab, da die Verweise in seinen Publikationen in ganz unterschiedlichen Richtungen zielen, d.h. spannungsreicher sind als jene repliken der konzeptuellen Geste Ruschas.'
- Camera Austria

'...the Dutch artist Erik Van der Weijde, who makes low-fi masterpieces in cheap print shops in Brazil'
- David Strettel / Dashwood Books

'...a refined sense of style over substance results in a very unique voice in contemporary photography.'
- The Word Magazine

'Every book I have seen by Van der Weijde is impeccably designed and produced; Parking Lot is no exception.'

'FOTO.ZINE NR.4 is a little packet of treasures, a wonderful set of photobooks from a number of amazing contemporary photographers.'

'Van der Weijde is never shy of a little provocation...'

'...a fascinating insight into the changes to the subject/photographer relationship when the pair is husband and wife. Full of candid, intimate images this snapshot into family life is a voyueuristic treat and presented to us in a strong, no frills approach.'

'The lines, shapes, and flow, and the quality of the photographs are just magical...'

'...luckily copies of this exceptionally well-executed book can still to be found, if you happen to look in the right places.'

'It doesn't sound that nice but the photo's are great!'

'...the brilliant Superquadra by cultishly followed photographer Erik van der Weijde.'

'Hell, I seriously admit, that I've hardly ever seen anything like it. - This is so damn "schwul", I'm lacking any words. OUCH!'
- D.K. (book collector)

'I think this sucks balls.'
- 11 year old son