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4478ZINE's publishing manifesto:


01. The book is the carrier for my (photographic) series.

02. The printed page is the perfect form for the reproducibility of the photographic image.

03. The spread contextualizes the single images.

04. The sequence of pages may provide yet another context.

05. The collections of images are mirrored in the collectability of the actual book.

06. The ratio between the quality of the printing and the quality of the image is more complex than to be read 1:1.

07. The relation between form and content is as equally important as both parts separately, but all parts may represent different values.

08. The fetishistic character of the printed matter may provide the extra layers to strengthen the iconic value of its images.

09. The book, as an object, gains strength as it gets recontextualized by its viewer, owner or bookcase in which it stands.

10. The connections between different publications may be invisible, but are always present.

11. The steps made in the publishing process are solely based on artistic principles.

12. The financial risks involved in publishing should elevate the project, instead of holding it back.

13. If the book is like a building, then, the publisher's catalogue needs proper urban planning.

14. Each published title must add value to the existing.

15. All books that are not made, are, at least, just as important.