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Foto.zine nr.4 -series

Erik van der Weijde incl. collaborations by Linus Bill,
Takashi Homma, Erik Kessels, Paul Kooiker and Eric Tabuchi

This series consists of 5 new foto zines for which Erik van der Weijde asked different photographers to contribute with a small series of their work. Each of the five issues is a mix of Van der Weijde’s work plus of one of the collaborating artists and all are conceived and designed by Erik van der Weijde.

Publishing date May 2011

24 pages (5x)
14x19,5 cm
offset printed in The Netherlands

Sold out


#1 Erik Kessels / Erik van der Weijde kids with nosebleeds and black eyes on polaroid and a lady with her poodle.
#2 Linus Bill / Erik van der Weijde Linus’ family in Switzerland and Eriks family in Brazil.
#3 Takashi Homma / Erik van der Weijde the cat and a smoking father-in-law.
#4 Eric Tabuchi / Erik van der Weijde modernist churches in France and the wife’s butt.
#5 Paul Kooiker / Erik van der Weijde a russian wolf having an identity crisis and a sleeping boy.

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